Up to 6: Haikyuu!!: To the Top

Disclaimer: there might be spoilers ahead

First of all, let me just say that it feels good to be watching Haikyuu!! again. I’ve missed the action, the characters, the suspense. I’ve forgotten how great of an anime Haikyuu!! is. It’s not hard to see why it is loved by so many devoted fans across the world.

Perhaps that is what’s best about Haikyuu!!, it can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. Even if you don’t fancy volleyball (I didn’t at first) you’ll be able to follow what’s going on easily and before you know it, you’ll be up to speed with all the lingo.

Kageyama in profile, focused and frowned, drops of sweat on his face and neck.
Kageyama being Kageyama

Although we’ve just passed the halfway point of this season, not much has happened so far in terms of action. That is not to say that nothing has happened. It is clear that this season will be focusing on the training the team members will have to go through in order to compete with the big boys on the national stage. The first episodes, although lacking any epic match moments, served their purpose in setting up the stage for the rest of the season. Despite their recent major win, the guys realise that the road ahead will be even more demanding, so they use the little time they have to reflect and improve their skills as much as possible. It was great to watch Hinata learn a few things just by serving as a ball-boy. That guy is always intense, so taking a step back definitely did him some good.

Hinata staring at Wakatoshi Ushijima with a funny expression on his face, Hinata holds a towel with each hand, Wakatishi is playing volleyball.
Hinata being creepy

Kageyama also did a great job during the training camp but to be honest with you, he had me worried. I thought he was bound to butt heads with the other players, being the guy that he is, but thankfully he kept his cool. He still managed to be his cold and slightly annoying self but that’s fine. We needed some new rivals anyway.

Atsumu Miya, second year setter, looking towards us with a smug expression on his face.
He looks like a rival

So far, Haikyuu!!: TO THE TOP has been as great as one would anticipate. The quality of the production has been consistently good with this anime and that has thankfully not changed. After meeting a few of the new rivals, it is clear that Karasuno High still feels like they are the underdog despite their surprise win over Shiratorizawa Academy. Them, being the overlooked and mistreated crows only to surprise the ones that underestimated them, has been one of the best aspects of the show. I just want to see more big shots eating their own words and losing. However, that will come later, perhaps during the next season by the looks of things. Still, season 4 of Haikyuu!! is not just a warm up, it’s a great chance to watch the Karasuno guys hone their skills and form deeper bonds with each other. So far so good.

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