Darwin’s Game Reviewed up to Episode 7

Disclaimer: There might be spoilers ahead

With this website being new and all, I didn’t have the time to write about Darwin’s Game episode 6 on time. Nonetheless, I didn’t want to skip on writing about this anime, so here are my thoughts on this survival, death match, battle royale so far.

Darwin's Game main character Sudou pointing a gun at Maesaka who is wearing a full bodied armor.
Darwin’s Game has some good moments from time to time

I like it. Like I said in my first impressions article, I am a big fan of this kind of anime. This is mainly because of all the senseless killing and the sadistic satisfaction I get from watching fictional people fight to survive. Nothing more, nothing less. If that is all that we are talking about then I think that Darwin’s Game is not bad at all. However, if you are looking for a meaningful story or fleshed out characters then this is not all that great. Personally, I don’t feel as if I have formed any special connection with the ‘players’ nor have I been especially invested in the story. Sure there have been some cool moments along the way but nothing major that I would spend too much time thinking about. The character interactions are lacking or seem kinda unnatural. Definitely not a fan of the hero-heroine relationship. It all seems to be going a bit too fast and awkwardly. Case in point. When Shuka was in danger of drowning -thanks to the schizophrenic little Sui- she asked for Kaname’s help. Naturally, he rushed to her aid. So far, so good. Thankfully, he saves her at the nick of time -using CPR mind you- and as if by magic she is no longer cold or dying so they start to casually chat while in the freezing water. What a dumb scene. Not because of the romance but because of the execution. Also, I disliked the animation here. It just seemed lazy. I mean they were in the water but they were not moving at all like they were swimming they were just frozen there, as if it was no big deal. How does that happen pray tell when you were drowning in the same spot a minute ago Shuka-san… Now if I were to talk about the animation of this series as a whole, I wouldn’t say that it bothers me but it does look a bit off at times. Also for some reason the vibe I get from this anime is very 2012… almost as if they made this thing and just forgot about it in a drawer somewhere.

Darwin's Game 2 main characters, Suka: closed eyes, laughing, wearing red dress; Sudou: looking at Suka, slightly open mouth, white/gray hoodie, in a park, trees and lake as a background.
Kaname and Shuka out on a ‘date

Nonetheless, after watching 7 episodes I still would like to see how things will unfold. Our improvised clan is in a pickle ATM so… yeah. If it’s just for fun then you could do worse than Darwin’s Game.

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