Who we are

We are a couple of passionate individuals that love to watch anime, read manga and listen to good music. We talk about it so much that we decided to write about it.

Librettista Capricciosa

Who am I? Anooo [umm]… Etooooo [Ummm]… *Remains puzzled for a while…* Maybe I’ll start like this… Or maybe– No, no, no. What should I say
In case you haven’t noticed, I’m one of those people who go totally blank when hearing ‘Tell me a few things about yourself’. I just don’t know where to start. So, I’ll start with something slightly unconventional, in the hopes of overcoming boredom.
I’m juuust a tad cray-cray but within limits.
I’m one of those sliiightly antisocial dudes -although I’m not a dude; I just answer to it- that are not socially anxious.
I’m one of those people who can or may at times binge eat, eeever so slightly because -let’s face it- I like food.
Now, the ice has been broken. Not once. Not twice… So, I’ll be kind enough to start…
I’m a musician who really enjoys watching anime. I am classically trained. I’m also one of those people who thought that having a music degree was a good idea. So what does that mean for you? Well, it means that what you’ll read will not be totally baseless. And it means that I won’t force-feed you garbage. Or at least, that’s what my diplomas say.
I don’t think that I have a talent for words. Music? Yeah, sure. Truth is that the way I express myself can be quite laconic at times, as in:
‘What do you think about the latest blah and blah *insert interesting topic here*?’
‘┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌’.
Man, I might not even reply with words. And considering that non-verbal communication can’t really be expressed with written speech alone… Taihen! [Terrible!]
But enough of me blabbing about myself. Have a look at my articles; that’s how you’ll get to know me better.
Ja mata. [See you around.]


Okay. Let’s get this over with, shall we? I enjoy writing and I enjoy watching anime. It doesn’t really take a genius to put two and two together, which is good for me. Like any good otaku, I have my favourites and as a fan I can be biased at times but for the sake of journalistic impartiality I aim to keep an open mind. If you like what I write, then great. If you don’t, that’s also fine. I won’t claim that I am right all the time. That would be impossible. My aim is to offer my views on anime and create factual, as well as entertaining content for you. I love anime. Since you are reading this, you probably do too. So, I am sure that I don’t really have to explain to you why I love it so much that I want to write about it.